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      Also known as “DETECTIVES RUPER – SERVIÇOS INTERNACIONAIS DE INVESTIGAÇÃO E INFORMAÇÃO”, this enterprise deals mainly with Private Investigation and General Consultancy of Security, in the scope of risk prevention, Conflicts Mediation, Lawyers, Legal and Phycological Support, although it is also specialized in other areas of information.

      Established on the December 23rd of 1971, by its actual Manager, Dr. Rucha Pereira, RUPER works all over Portugal and abroad. It has many Delegations in Portugal and it makes part of the best and the biggest worldwide group of private investigation, that has Delegations and agents all over the world. The first enterprises of this group started his activity in the end of the 19th century. Because of all this, RUPER has an inherited experience and another one acquired during the years.

      The reorganization of all the Delegations that belongs to the European Union countries, including those that make part of the enlargement, with the aim of increasing the comercial exchange, was started by RUPER several years ago. Nowadays we have Delegations in all these countries, ready to give all kind of information.

      When we talk about RUPER, we have to talk about Dr. Rucha Pereira, an authority worldwide recognized in the scope of private investigation and security. He is member and Delegate in Portugal of the most prestiged international organisms in the areas of investigation and security.

      Graduated in Criminology, with degrees in Criminal Science and in Mediation and Restorative Justice, he has several specializations in Private Investigation, High Technology of Security, Criminalization and Criminology, Drugs and Crime, Labor General Rights, Comunity Rights, Environment Rights, Technical and Scientific Information, Clinical Criminology, Conflicts Mediation, and other subjects connected with his activity. He is also member and Co-president, since 1980, of the biggest worlwide organism of Criminology and Security Consultants, that makes reports to the United Nations, Governments and Parliaments of many countries.

      He is Security Consultant, since 1980, of Governments and Parliaments of many countries in the areas of terrorism and crime prevention.

      Known, since 1981, as one of the twenty best investigators of the world, Dr. Rucha Pereira participates every year in several congresses, conferences and seminars, in Portugal and abroad, what turns him object of many national and internacional honours, with medal decorations for professional achievement in the categories of silver, gold and platinum.

      In 1986, he was received, in Rome, for His Holiness the Pope John Paul II, when he was participating in several congresses, and soon afterwards he was interviewed by the Italian Television.

      He was interviewed several times by the press, the radio and the television, in Portugal and abroad, about investigation and security matters. In Portugal, he was already interviewed by every TV Stations (RTP, SIC, TVI, CNN Portugal, CMTV and Record TV Europa).

      Having in mind the unchangeable quality pattern of its information, RUPER occupies, through his own merit, the place of leader in this activity and has already received more than 165 awards, like for example “The Best of Europe”, “The Best of the Ibero-American Countries”, “The Best of the World in the Decade of 1980-1990”, “Worldwide Quality Award XXI Century”.

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