. Services

<> Our services:

  • Delicate Subjects - Detailed Researches - Graphology
  • Information to cases of Infidelity and Divorces
  • Individual, comercial and industrial information
  • Information to protect under age people and to prevent drug addicts
  • Information for enterprise and business management
  • Information for credit management and control
  • Information for exporting and importing
  • Technical and scientific information
  • Information to Lawers, contentious, courts, and so on
  • Information about heritage and properties
  • Information to evictions and to take possession
  • Information to protect brands and patents
  • Information to counterfeits processes
  • Information to staff admittance and employees
  • Inquiries in enterprises - Instructions to disciplinary processes
  • Economical and market studies
  • Research for national and international financial groups
  • Study of the family tree - Heritage subjects
  • Security study and project - Computer security
  • Studies for business, comercial and industrial security
  • Information about polution and environment protection
  • Information to stores and others business
  • Detection of phone and environmental tapping in enterprises, residences, vehicles, and so on.
  • Search for missing people or unknown whereabouts
  • Evaluations - Audits - Accident investigation and other
  • Research and acquisition of documents
  • Consultancy service and legal support
  • Conflict Mediation service, Negotiation and Conciliation
  • Technical laboratories with modern equipment
  • Modern, safes and efficients methods
  • Detailed and personalized reports

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